Today’s road closures in Washington, D.C., are primarily due to the NATO Summit, which runs from July 9 to July 11, 2024. These closures significantly impact traffic around key areas, including the Washington Convention Center, Mellon Auditorium, and The White House. The closures and parking restrictions began on July 6 and will continue until July 12.

Key Affected Areas and Details:

  1. Washington Convention Center:
    • Roads surrounding the convention center are closed, and security checkpoints are in place.
    • Major intersections and streets near the center are also affected, causing potential delays for commuters.
  2. Mellon Auditorium:
    • Streets around the Mellon Auditorium are closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
    • Security measures are stringent in this area, with limited access points.
  3. The White House:
    • The vicinity of The White House sees extensive closures, impacting not only regular traffic but also tourist access.
    • Enhanced security protocols mean that certain streets are completely off-limits.

Transportation and Commuter Impact:

  • Public Transportation:
    • Metro services experience delays and alterations, particularly those lines and stations close to the summit venues.
    • Some bus routes are rerouted to accommodate the closures.
  • Parking Restrictions:
    • Parking is restricted around the summit venues, with clear signage indicating no-parking zones.
    • Residents and visitors are advised to use public transportation where possible to avoid these restrictions.

Recommendations for Commuters:

  • Plan Ahead: Commuters should plan their routes in advance, taking into account the closures and possible detours.
  • Use Public Transport: Given the extensive road closures, using the Metro or bus services might be more efficient despite some route changes.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check local traffic news and updates from official sources like the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and local news outlets.

For more detailed maps and specific closure points, you can visit the official MPD website and local news sources like WUSA9​ (MPDC)​​ (​.

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